Comprehensive Dental Care

Comprehensive Dental Care

General Dentistry Rockford

In addition to keeping abreast of the latest developments in a field that’s continually moving forward, our dental team remains focused on the general dental procedures that form the backbone of good oral health. Without a foundation of healthy teeth and gums, the goal of a resilient, beautiful smile cannot be accomplished. Patients can depend on us for standard oral exams, professional cleanings, tooth extractions, fluoride treatments, and dental emergencies. More specialized general dentistry treatments, including dental crowns, and dental bridges, are also offered at our Rockford office.

As a family-oriented practice, we look forward to introducing your child to good, solid oral health habits. We encourage parents to bring their children in for their first dental visit as early as possible, rather than waiting until a problem occurs. Our friendly staff is committed to treating all of our patients in a gentle and positive atmosphere that will make them look forward to their next visit.

The literal meaning of the word periodontal is “around the tooth.” Periodontal care therefore encompasses the prevention and treatment of gum disease, a bacterial infection that preys not only on the gums but also the bone that supports the teeth. We know that good periodontal care prevents adult tooth loss, which is why Dr. Varland takes it very seriously. New research suggests a link between periodontal disease and more severe problems such as diabetes, heart disease, and respiratory disease.

Oftentimes, patients are unaware of the medical consequences of snoring and sleep apnea (a condition that causes breathing to stop or become shallow during sleep). However, these sleeping disorders can take a toll on a person’s health, with consequences that range from simple fatigue to severe headaches and even poor memory function. We offer treatment in the form of appliances that fit inside the mouth, keeping your airway clear as you sleep.